LEISA Magazine, volume 16
Issue 3 - Farming in the forest

From maté extractivism to the regenerative management of Auraucária forests

Extraction of maté leaves has always been an important economic activity in Paraná, Brazil. Now, improving the production of maté groves has become the entry point of a Regenerative and Analog Agroforestry (SAFRA) programme initiated by the Central-Southern Paraná Farm Workers Forum. Farmer experimentation, farmer-to-farmer exchange, technical training and multi-media communication are important methodologies in this programme which is now extending to value adding and marketing of other forest species, especially medicinal plants.
Paulo Petersen, Jose Maria Tardin, Francisco Marochi
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Keyword(s):agroforestry systems, agroforestry systems, brazil, community forestry, medicinal plants, farmer experimentation, farmer to farmer extension, forest management, commercialisation, stimulant plants, swidden agriculture
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